A Traveller’s Guide to Bangkok: The Do Nots

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. You can pack quite a lot of activities while you are in the heart of Thailand. Yes, Bangkok remains of the top destinations in the whole of Asia

While it is a vibrant place filled with cultural wonders, it is a potential minefield of social no-nos. Listed below are some common practices you should never do during your 48 hours in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Do Not Use Your Feet – When in Thailand, do as the Thai do. Never use your feet to point at people or things as the locals consider it very rude. Stepping over or kicking things such as doors is unacceptable behavior.
  • Do Not Touch Their Head – Thai locals consider the act of touching other people’s heads to be extremely offensive. In Thailand, the head is the most sacred part of the body. As such, it is disrespectful to touch it.
  • Do Not Litter – Avoid littering if you do not want to pay fines. Actions have consequences and Bangkok is quite strict about littering laws.
  • Do Not Whistle at Night – People in Thailand consider nocturnal whistling as an ill omen, as they believe it to be a call for bad spirits. Though not many locals may pay mind to it, you will notice that it can still make some people uneasy.
  • Do Not Raise Your Voice – While raising one’s voice is offensive in most parts of the globe, it is another social no-no in Thailand. The locals are mild-mannered people. Tourists should adapt to their demeanor while in their country.
  • Do Not Hug a Monk – It is forbidden for monks to touch women. In fact, they do not even hand them things directly. Even though men can have physical contact, it is still important to maintain distance. It is customary to not be in a higher position than a monk.
  • Do Not Get Dirty – Thailand places high importance to cleanliness and appearance. Even if you get sweaty from the local climate, it is no excuse to be messy. The relaxed vibe in the country does not extend to matters of cleanliness.

Thailand is truly an amazing place to visit. Bangkok is right at the heart of all the action. So long as you keep their customs and traditions in mind, you should have a very pleasant stay.