The Surfing Workout: A Balancing Act

Some of the world’s best waves are as high as ten feet, which a real surfer will be elated to conquer. This, however, is much harder than it sounds. People think surfing is like track and field, or golf, where you simply schedule a time to play. In reality, surfing is more like bird watching, or even farming. Realize that the movement in these waters is literally dependent on the tides of nature, hence people usually camp for days at affordable accommodations near Surfers Paradise to wait for the perfect time to paddle in the waters.

The Workings of Paddling

Both paddling and easing your entire body up on the board require muscular coordination among hips, gluteal muscles, abdominal muscles and the spine. These then sync together with one’s vision, inner ear and the body’s awareness of itself in a given space. The rotator cuff, which involves a group of upper arm and shoulder tendons and muscles, is also important in paddling. What you can do to strengthen them is use resistance bands.

Holding the band tubing in front of you at shoulder level. With this, draw your hands behind so your elbows are down and your upper back muscles are together. Once you master this drill, you can proceed to performing it while kneeling or sitting on a stability ball.

The Stability Ball

Once the core is determined to be strong, surfers can then challenge themselves by performing routines on an unstable surface. Simply imagine standing there with eyes closed, and see your vestibular system working to maintain your balance.

The common temptation is to limit your workout to the abdomen and biceps – muscles that are exposed when you’re in a bathing suit –which inevitably leads to muscle injury. Instead, proceed to a whole body workout in excellent posture. Also take care not to overlook your ankle joints, so that they don’t get injured while surfing. Give them proper attention by doing a leg step-up while holding weights in the opposite hand.

Balance is said to be the most essential skill for surfers, and this is why many surfers strive to strengthen their core in their daily workouts. It’s a good thing that most of them train well before even thinking of making reservations at inexpensive accommodations in Surfers Paradise.