Russia: Open for Agribusiness

In recent years, Russia has been showing impressive growth in the private equity market. This has attracted the attention of investors from other parts of the world, such as NCH Capital.

Investment opportunities

The emerging Russian market has a large and young population that fuels the growth of the middle class. The rise of the middle class comes with higher income and consumption as more and more Russians are willing to spend more. This creates more opportunities in commercial and financial services industries.

Prospects in agribusiness

The superior quality of farmlands in the country, especially in the southern area, and the potential to integrate processing facilities with agricultural enterprises increase the region’s appeal to foreign investors, including those who focus on agribusiness ventures like George Rohr of NCH.

Investing in Russia’s agriculture is an interesting prospect for various reasons. For one, the demand of the whole world’s population (not just Russia’s) continues to grow. Another important reason is that investments in agribusiness can help maintain or even increase in value in case of a dollar collapse. While investing in gold and silver is a wise move, they offer short-term security. It only allows you to hold over for a year or two until the dollar’s collapse plays out. On the other hand, farmlands are income generating assets, something that NCH Capital Russia recognizes as an excellent long-term investment.

Perfect mix of opportunities

Russia is possibly the ideal place in the world for agribusiness investments due to the right mix of cheap assets, abundant water supply, improving political stability, increasing infrastructure, and exceptionally productive farmlands, which are among the richest worldwide.

Russia stands to emerge as one of the front runners in the agribusiness industry. The country is set to profit greatly from the worldwide shift away from US debt in favor of commodities. This offers excellent opportunities for foreign investment as Russia owns, by any measure, the most untapped resources in the world.