Hidden Dining Gems in Point Cook

Apart from a picture-perfect neighbourhood, Point Cook has some of the best-hidden dining gems in the Greater Melbourne area. The reviews from regular restaurant patrons are enough to make your mouth water.

Are you considering purchasing a house or land package in Point Cook, but haven’t quite decided yet? Here are a few ‘tasty perks’ that might just help tip the decision to a ‘yes’.

Gemelli Cafe Grill

Wallace Avenue, Point Cook, Melbourne

This cafe opened in 2015 and enjoys a huge family crowd. That’s because the head chef is dedicated to the quality of ingredients and offers a huge variety of breakfasts, burgers, evening dishes. It is said that its quinoa salad is exceptional.

The Brook on Sneydes

Sneydes Road, Point Cook, Melbourne

The restaurant has an appealing decor. Their menu has many surprising offerings of crocodile sausage, kangaroo and wallaby! They also have fresh seafood and crispy chips to go with steak. Their excellent espresso martinis and great service are their prime appeal.


Stocklands Point Cook, Main Street &Murnong Street, Point Cook, Melbourne

A restaurant-bar which serves Pan-Asian dishes from Peking Duck to the staple Japanese favourite, Agedashi Tofu. It has also earned great reviews for its beef and seafood dishes. Some patrons have been coming back over the past eight years.

Master Shifu

Tom Roberts Parade, Point Cook, Melbourne

A Pan-Asian Japanese fusion place with great ambience and friendly staff. They enjoy rave reviews for their generous Bento Boxes with huge serving portions of Katsu (chicken), Unagi and Gyu Tan (ox tongue). Their lamb chops and beef gravy dishes are also amazing, and it all goes down well with their special Japanese Lemonade.

Thai @ Point Cook

Tom Roberts Parade, Point Cook, Point Cook, Melbourne

A hidden Thai paradise in Point Cook, with amazing stir-fries and entrees. It also offers quick deliveries on top of its great flavours.

Nyonya House

Point Cook Road, Point Cook, Melbourne

Acclaimed by locals to be the one decent Malaysian restaurant in this area. Dig into the mildly-spiced and flavourful Ma Po Tofu with steamed rice, or the classic Lemon Chicken. Don’t forget to try the delightfully-handmade black glutinous rice dessert which is rarely found in Australia.

Curry Point Minar

Tom Roberts Parade, Point Cook, Melbourne

Kick off with a couple of classic entrees like the Samosa and clay-oven baked Mushroom Tikka. Then dig into their signature crisp Naan stuffed with fresh chillies, coriander, potatoes, and super-thick Tikka Masala.

These are just a few of the locals’ favourite joints. For a small area, the dining landscape in Point Cook is incredibly diverse. It’s a great place to explore hidden gems and expand your palate. It’s no wonder why Point Cook, Melbourne looms large in real estate investors’ eyes.