Fun, Learning & Eating at the Bodmin Jail

One of the haunted historical sites in the UK today is the Bodmin Jail in Cornwall. And, it is open to the public. You might have missed that because all that history tells you is that it was built in 1779. However, the jail was rebuilt in 2018 to make the spaces safer for visitors.

It is now becoming one of the favourite destinations and historical sites in Cornwall for many locals and tourists.

Booking the Venue for Events

You can book the venue for your special events, such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. You can also hire the conference rooms for your business functions. You may contact the management to confirm any details that they have included in the wedding and functions brochures.

Diners and Spending

The ‘inmates’ at Bodmin Jail will prepare and serve you meals of your choice, depending on what they have available. They are very friendly. Feel free to ask them to guide you through the different items in the menu if you do not know what to choose.

Scheduled Events

Bodmin Jail has events that they run at different times of the day (and year). These include after dark events, which entail the famed ghost walk, scary cinema nights, fire walks, quiz and curry nights, and historical and heritage guided tours. Once you find the event you would love to engage in, contact the facility to purchase the respective admission tickets.

Besides all the eating and having fun at the jail, you will learn the history of the Bodmin Jail with the help of the staff. That will include, among others, the functions of every room, the number and names of the different executioners and the period each served, together with the inmates that they executed. All these features make Bodmin Jail one of the most historical sites in Cornwall and the UK.