Fitting Seamlessly into the Australian Culture

So you finally decide to make a major life change by getting an Aussie visa as a Thai national –now you can visit your Australian boyfriend during the holidays. While travel may be exciting, it can also be quite a challenge. Remember that you will be making adjustments in so many levels, among them professional, cultural, and social. Just be kind to yourself, as this adjustment occurs gradually.

Salutations and Pleasantries

When meeting someone for the first time, look them in the eye and shake their right hand with your right hand – the classic sign of respect and engagement. Address them with their title and family name, unless they offered their first name upon introducing themselves.

Reserve the hugs, kisses, and personal topics for people with whom you are already familiar with. Also, avoid staring, even if you can’t help yourself. Most cultures consider it rude – this can make them feel uncomfortable.

Overall Attire

The types of clothing that people wear reflect how Australia is multicultural and multilingual. There are no laws or rules on clothing, except perhaps for professional settings. Outside of it, however, clothing is an individual choice. Dress for comfort, for the weather, the social situation, the religion, and custom. Of course, it always pays to have an impeccable fashion sense, but anything neat and clean will do.

Social Customs and Conduct

Australia believes every person is equal, and is entitled to respect. Use “please” and “thank you” when dealing with others. Australians also say “excuse me” to get a person’s attention, along with accidentally bumping into somebody, coughing, sneezing, and burping in public.

Invitations and Gatherings

Invitations to have coffee, an occasion, or any type of event can be written or spoken. Those in writing usually ask for an RSVP, which simply means “please reply”. Tell them, courteously, whether you will go or not, according to the specifications written on the invitation. Also, do not hesitate to tell the host if you are a vegetarian.

Come on time. If you must cancel, explain your valid reason to the host. To cancel just because of a better invitation from someone else is rude, and can affect new friendships. Hence, it’s best not to accept an invitation right away. They’ll understand.

You may not always be able to accept an invitation, and the best way to refuse is to still thank them, supplying the reason for your absence. Just don’t say that you’re too busy – that’s extremely rude, even when it’s true.

Welcome to the land down under, where it’s very convenient to get an Australian holiday visa as a loving Thai girlfriend.