Exploring Portugal: A Country of Nature, Culture, and Progress

Portugal has an old-world charm that continues to attract modern-day expats and immigrants. With its hilltop castles, mild climate, and rich heritage, the country provides a diverse cultural setting for business and pleasure alike. Home to two of the most beautiful cities on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal offers much more than your typical Mediterranean island.

Natural Treasures

Many tourists and expats apply for visa for Portugal just to experience and explore the country’s unspoiled attractions. The country’s greatest treasures are its nature reserves, pristine beaches, stunning coves, and world-renowned heritage sites. Portugal takes pride in having a myriad of protected landscapes and tourist hotspots brimming with flora and fauna. It also provides a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, making the country one of the popular tourist magnets in the EU. Some of the must-see sights to visit are the Algarve region, the Natural Park of Madeira, and the sandy beach of Cascais.

A Budding Economy

Expats can make the most of business opportunities with Portugal’s budding economy. Throughout the years, the country has a gained a significant amount of trade partners from the EU, USA, and many former colonies with whom they have close economic ties. The country is also focusing on research and modern technologies, featuring a highly diverse job market for both locals and expats. Foreign investments have also become a stepping-stone for the country’s economic growth, providing a promising future for Portugal immigration.

Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in Portugal is lower than its EU equivalents. Most foods you can buy from supermarkets cost 20 percent less than in the UK and other EU countries. The country also offers lower property bargains compared to other resort areas in Europe.

Diverse Culture

Portugal has been the home of the Romans, Celts, Moors, and Visigoths, which has resulted in a mixed culture. The country is rich with many cultural activities, showing a thorough appreciation of folklore, music, art, drama, and dance. Local festivals take place all year round, offering more reasons to visit and stay in the country’s historic cities. Portugal also offers traditional dishes with different kinds of seafood and meat to go with the country’s well-preserved wines.

With its picture-perfect attractions, simple lifestyle, and business opportunities, Portugal lives up to its name as one of the most peaceful and developed nations in the world.