Charleston Ghost Tour: 3 Historical Places to Visit

Not everyone believes in an afterlife and ghosts or apparitions. But still, visiting places thought to harbor ghosts can give a mixture of awe and spine-chilling feeling.

Charleston is one of these places excellent for thrill-seekers. Whether walking or riding on a bus, you will be thrilled to visit the eerie paranormal attractions that make Charleston ghost tours great. There are three places you would not want to miss:

1. Graveyard

Charleston’s graveyard has loads of historical stories about the Charlestons buried here. Count on your luck to capture a fleeting ghost in the cemetery.

2. Old Exchange

The Old Exchange is a historically significant building, which serves as a political and cultural center for the town. Here, you will learn about the unimaginable torture that prisoners went through.

3. Provost Dungeon

One the spots in Charleston whispered to be haunted by ghosts is the Provost Dungeon. The historical museum will reveal to you the secret stories of pirates and numerous deaths that left the dungeon haunted by unrested spirits.

To make the best out of your ghost tour, some of these items will come in handy in capturing strange occurrences:

  • A camera to seize full sight moments,
  • A flashlight to aid in navigating dark staircases that may be narrow and deep,
  • A stopwatch to time sounds or any phenomena,
  • A recorder to record the spooky ghosts sounds, and
  • A compass whose needle movements will indicate ghosts presence.

The ghostly experience and the rich information is the pinnacle of ghost tours in Charleston. You wouldn’t want to miss out on such a historical tour of this haunted city. Buy your ticket, and you are good to go.