Bikes are Your Knee’s Best Friend

Technology is moving at a breakneck pace, and there’s little hindering its progress. But, if technology goes forward unchecked, it can lead to disastrous consequences. So, it pays to ease back on the progress throttle once in a while, and enjoy the pleasures a low-tech lifestyle can bring.

Some people like lounging around the house with nothing to do, while others just want to go shopping or watch TV to while away the stress they accumulate. But, the best solution to get away from the fast track of life is something that’s both low on technology and good for your health at the same time.

There are many activities that fall under this category, but mountain biking in the Philippines is by far the most realistic and enjoyable option available. Think about it, there are very few places in the cities that are good for jogging, there’s always someone using the basketball courts, and gym memberships aren’t the most affordable. If you’re going to spend, might as well be on something that takes you places.

Besides, biking is so much better than running or driving around a car in so many ways. First, people think jogging is the best way to get healthy and lose weight, which isn’t always true. Running does give people the necessary cardio to boost their metabolism and burn any unwanted fats, but they also put stress on the knees, ankles, legs, and feet.

Running is a push and jerk motion that uses the joints as shock absorbers for the body’s weight multiplied by the force of the step. Slowly but surely, the stress of the little shocks will start to build up and cause damage to the cartilage and tissues surrounding the joints. Biking does the exact opposite, because the activity uses the joints to propel forward movement, which strengthen the muscles there instead of weakening them.

The healthy and tech-less lifestyle is unique to each person, and no single activity will appeal to everyone. But, if such an activity did exist, and people made a list of the top things it would most likely be biking that would be close to the top.