A Bonza Backpacking Trip around Australia

If you’ve finally decided to head to the land Down Under, be prepared for anything. This place immerses travellers and active thrill seekers in its diversity. With striking coral reefs, breaking surf, snow-clad mountains, tall forests, deserts, and multicultural cities, this backpacking trip will be a big’un.

Get off at Kingsford Smith International Airport, book your inexpensive CBD Sydney accommodation, and gather your essentials. Here are a few ways to prepare yourself.

Changing Climate

While backpacking around Australia, you’re likely to experience all types of climate: freezing temperatures, scorching heat, and rain. The Australian continent has different climate zones, so be sure to protect yourself against the weather with the necessary equipment. Don’t forget the long sleeve shirts, hats, and most importantly sunscreen. Pack a poncho if you intend to stay outdoors overnight, in any weather.

Dangerous Wildlife

This continent is home to the world’s most venomous spiders and snakes. Learn to recognise dangerous wildlife species and be prepared with safety and first aid measures. Its coastline, although inviting, also has presents dangers. Watch out for box jellyfish, crocodiles, and great white sharks. Hire a guide if you’re not sure about the places you’re visiting.

The Australian Outback

This scarcely populated area has limited access to supplies, mobile coverage, and civilisation. Exploring it alone might be dangerous for inexperienced backpackers. Travel in a group with extensive experience in the Australian Outback. Bring your GPS system and maps. Expect a few bumps and bruises. Other destinations worth visiting are the Myall Lakes, Central Coast, Ku-ring-gai Chase, Great Ocean Road, Great Barrier Reef, Royal National Park, and more.

Carry at least $60 a day for food, transportation, and accommodation. Stay away from conventional hotels that might affect your backpacker budget. There are plenty of cheap accommodations in Sydney, Australia for travellers on a shoestring budget, such as inexpensive hostels. Most of these places are a great opportunity to meet fellow backpackers. Let them help you figure out your next destination, or hitch a ride and go on exhilarating journeys together to cut down on costs. And don’t forget the sunscreen!