3 Things that LDS Families can do for their Vacation

When was the last time your family went somewhere new, just to relax and enjoy yourselves? Going on vacations is quite important for LDS members, as it allows you to unwind and strengthen relationships, but it is also be an opportunity to deepen one’s faith. With enough planning, you can organize a trip that will be both memorable and spiritually enlightening.

Traveling together will be very fun, and tell you more about your family members than an entire week of sitting at home ever could. So pack your bags, say a few prayers for a safe voyage, and give one of these exciting vacation ideas a try.

1. Travel to the Holy Land – With tour organizers, like CruiseLady.com offering LDS Holy Land tours, it is easier than ever to see the actual places that the scriptures mention. Do you want to see the baptismal site of the Jordan River? Or perhaps visit the town of Bethlehem? Most tours will visit multiple holy sites over a period of several days, and arrange for both food and lodging throughout the trip.

2. Visit Rome – The ancient city of Rome has a magnificent history, which you can easily retrace as you travel across its many landmarks. You can learn more about how the apostles made their way to Rome and their actions, while being surrounded in the location’s vibrant culture. You can also pay a visit to the Rome Italy Temple near the Grande Raccordo Anulare, and worship within the ancient city itself.

3. Go on a history tour – If traveling outside the country doesn’t appeal to you, there are many vacation opportunities close at home as well. Many companies offer LDS history tours that will take you on a fascinating and educational journey. From the Sacred Grove to the Nauvoo Temple, your family will see many important sites while listening to stories of the church’s early days.

Regardless of where you choose to go, the important thing is to enjoy it together as a family. It is not every day you get to go on a vacation with the people who are most important to you.