3 Reasons Partying is the Perfect Therapy for Work Stress

Many young professionals today live by the mantra of “work hard, party harder.” Although some parents and bosses say that people in their 20s are too easy-going, the reality is that yuppies have a lot to deal with. The pressure that some young professionals go through these days is no joke. In fact, Singaporean doctors say that more people within the age group are suffering from mental health issues, like depression and stress because of toxic work.

This is why taking a break, letting loose and partying the weekend away is no luxury when in your 20s. Sometimes, going completely cray-cray, as they say, can be therapeutic. Here are some reasons to back this up:

The “Reunited-And-It-Feels-So-Good” Feeling

Nothing compares to the joy of seeing friends after a long week at work. You can vent out all your work angst over a few drinks and for sure, you can get that dose of sanity you need to face work the following week. Gather your friends and spend a Friday or Saturday night at the club. Or, you might also want to prepare your party squad as early as now for the biggest and grandest end-of-the-year party happening at Sentosa: the Siloso Beach Party.

Relieve Stress

Imagine all the tension and stress bottled up during the week and let it all out in the dance floor. Bust out all your best moves or fist pump to the latest EDM jams without anyone judging you. Partying is a great stress reliever and an effective way to prep for the long week ahead. Just remember not to spoil the happy moment. Drink responsibly, or you will just end up more stressed than ever the following day.

Meet New People

Partying is fun with friends, but it is also an opportunity to meet new people and get out of your comfort zone. New friends are sometimes like a breath of fresh air and deepen your understanding of life. Health practitioners say that that expanding your social network is an effective way to fight depression. It reduces stress, because isolation and loneliness boosts the production of cortisol (or the stress hormone), causing increase in blood pressure and hormonal imbalances.

Take a break; you deserve a fun time after the toil and grind at the office. Party it up every now and then. Ease the stress, meet with friends, and expand your social network. And never forget the mantra: work hard, party harder.