Workplace Safety Guide for Well Driller Contractors

Maintaining work safety is not just the responsibility of the employer, whose primary role is to find the right people for the right job and provide the necessary equipment and tools. Whether you are a contractor working for a well drilling company or a full-time employee, here are some safety precautions on the worksite that can help lower incident rates.

Give sufficient training. Each employee must be provided with not just knowledge but also training to upgrade their skills on the job. This training must include both classroom type and on-the-site work that focuses on both work efficiency and safety precautions for well driller contractors. You can also employ a ‘buddy system’ to help newcomers get acquainted with their colleagues faster and more importantly, to learn from experienced workers.

Regular evaluation. Before going into actual field work, it is important that applicants be evaluated for their skills, knowledge and experience. This evaluation helps employers to gauge if the applicant can do the job or more training is required. There should also be regular evaluations to test the worker’s consistency in job performance.

Provide sufficient safety equipment. A worker who handles heavy machinery has increased chances of suffering from hearing loss due to the high levels of noise they encounter every day on the field. Employers should provide their workers with safety equipment as well as best practices to reduce the instances of any preventable incidents, an expert from Welldriller reminds. This set of best practices should include ways on how the workers can collectively help reduce the noise levels.

Apart from these three, worksite safety should also include safety practices such as the right way to handle electrical work and electric equipment. Employers should actively seek ways on how to lower the possibility of workplace incidents by empowering their own people to become safety ambassadors.