Why Your Hotel Needs a Butler

Novice hoteliers and hospitality industrialists, especially those who have no solid background in the industry, sometimes overlook the importance of butlers. Instead of hiring someone with high standards on different aspects of hospitality management, they employ a small group of housekeepers. This is a move that lacks a more solid foundation, especially if you’re building a sophisticated image for your business.

In case you find this strategy needless, remember that guests are always seeking the most convenient services. And if you find it costly, imagine the number of returning guests who will say that they’re more than satisfied with what your hotel has to offer. This article is especially written for starters in the hospitality industry who might have just purchased a motel or hotel for sale. Read on to find out why your business needs a butler.

To Make Your Guests Feel Important

Generally, butlers are the people who enhance the holiday experience of the guests. They are the first people who attend to their needs. In some cases, they may conduct a brief interview with guests before their arrival to make sure that everything is in place.

For Easier Communication of Requests

Butlers act as the liaison among the staff, the management, and the guests. Their place in the middle allows the guests to communicate their needs or complaints to the management or the people providing the needed service. As they’re liaisons, they can make recommendations if they sense that the guests are confused with their arrangements. Of course, their recommendations will be based on their understanding of the guests.

To Train Staff

Butlers act as the staff captain. With this leadership role, they’re expected to train other employees on how to respond with the guests, especially the VIPs. Usually, butlers teach the staff how to describe the hotel’s services to the guests in a more formal way. They also make sure that the staff can sense the needs of the guests before they even ask for them.

With the rise of different technologies and modern workplace techniques, you may consider that butlers are already an unnecessary staffer in the workforce of a hospitality management. Do away with this thinking and strive to provide your guests with personal and thoughtful service.