What Does Your Daddy Do? Entertainment Lawyer

Entertainment law is one of the trickiest legal fields, due in large part to a combination of mystery and a wide scope. Not many people are aware of what entertainment lawyers actually do, which is quite a feat considering they work with some of the most well known people on the planet.

Mysterious and Well-Rounded

Entertainment lawyers also have the ability to change hats quickly, as they are expected to tread multiple fields simultaneously. Lawyers need to be able to read the ins and outs of contracts, be aware of the employment laws, as well as privacy rights with the occasional acquaintance with corporate law.

There are two types of entertainment lawyers that celebrities and other people in the industry have access to in the course of their careers. The first type is the transactional lawyer who is in charge of all the paperwork and is usually involved in negotiations, contract drafting, and making sure their client’s partners honor their all obligations.

Transaction and Litigation

Transactional entertainment lawyers don’t get any kind of attention for their work, but provide the most basic function of every entertainer or celebrity’s career. The bulk of an entertainer’s career is made behind closed doors, on the back of the meticulous eye of a transactional entertainment lawyer.

On the other side of the spectrum lie the litigators, the type of lawyer that most people think about when they hear the term. These lawyers appear in court and assist their clients when they wish to pursue a case against someone, or need defending.

The two types work hand-in-hand and many firms have enough ability to rotate their responsibilities through the same people. For example, some litigators want to be the ones to draft their clients’ contracts, or at least be involved in it. This allows them better insight into the terms whenever a problem arises.

It’s a busy life for anyone who wants to become an entertainment lawyer, but no one in the field can claim that they were ever bored while in practice.