Preparing for a Wet Wedding: Don’t Let Rain Ruin “I Do’s”

Bride and groom runningAs an event planner, it is your responsibility to make sure that you prepare for all scenarios. One such scenario we cannot control is the weather. The great outdoors provides a stunning setting. It can be the perfect backdrop and a romantic ambiance for couples’ dream wedding. Don’t let this put a damper on your clients’ spirits. Preparing for a wet weather wedding goes a long way.

Take Cover

Look into tent rental services in Twin Cities a couple of weeks before the wedding day. This is more important if your clients plan to marry during an unpredictable weather season. Let’s say it’s not possible to get a massive tent. If so, rent a smaller one to protect the wedding favors, gifts as well as food and drinks stations.

Take the Outdoors Indoors

Even on the sunniest side of the globe, the environment can be pretty fickle. If possible, reserve a back-up indoor venue nearby. It should be one you can effortlessly don with greenery or already has pieces that are nature-inspired.

Send out Weather Cards

Send out weather cards to notify guests regarding the alternate ceremony and reception plan. Have them include a map if the venue is far. This will give your clients peace of mind knowing that everyone will know what to do should it rain on the big day. They can also include this info in their invitations to avoid further costs.

Plan U: Umbrellas

Rain or shine, it will be better to come prepared with raincoats, boots or umbrellas. Besides, these can look adorable in photos and can be unique memorabilia on their wedding day.

You can’t control everything that happens during a wedding, especially the weather. Your best bet for the event to remain a success is to prepare for the worst.