Pre-Employment Assessment: A Checklist for Employers

Around 52% of Australians reveals that they’ve personally experienced a financial crime. This number discloses how rampant and real economic crime is in the country’s workforce, which necessitates immediate action. To prevent misconduct and corruption at work, the majority of businesses have now incorporated an array of background examinations on possible employees, like a national police check in WA.

Keep your business from becoming a part of the statistic by integrating the following:

Clarity during the Interview

As you post a job on various platforms, make sure you inherently reveal the job requirements to let the applicant know of their responsibilities. You must disclose the task, competency, job style, knowledge, and experience needed in the job ad. During the interview, your questions must reflect everything stated here.

Compare their CV with their LinkedIn Account

Make the most of public information, such as their LinkedIn or any social media account. When finalising the pre-employment evaluation, compare their CV to what they posted on LinkedIn. Cross-check information listed, including qualifications, former employment dates, job titles, and University attended.

Accomplish a National Police Check

Conducting a National Police Check involves finding and disclosing any applicable Australian Federal Police information. This will depend on pertinent information, non-disclosure legislation, release policies and spent convictions. Keep in mind that you will require the consent of the candidates before conducting this check.

Incorporating a police check procedure into the screening displays care and due diligence from your business. It shows that your company treasures their clients, reputation, and team culture. Although, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give employees with a criminal record a chance. If the crime isn’t associated with the job they’re applying for or won’t affect it, then you can still consider them as a potential employee.

Incorporating a firm pre-employment evaluation procedure means that your business is taking a crucial step towards protecting not only your company, but also your reputation, people, culture, and productivity.