Lower Truck Drivers Turnover Rate With 2 Incredible Moves

Riding in an 80,000 pounds truck bearing your logo and carry hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of cargo, truck drivers are your greatest assets. These often, under-appreciated hardworking folks are instrumental in growing your reputation as well as business prospects, explains Centerline Drivers, a CDL driver staffing expert.

Drivers’ conduct on the road as well as how they handle your customers has a direct bearing on your cash flow and expenses. Unruly drivers can rack up traffic fines that could run up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Since filling your ranks with reliable driver is good for your business, you should make every effort to lower driver turnover.

Hire the right people

Despite the crucial role trucking plays in fueling the economy, most people look down on the driving a truck as a career. Unknown to most people, some truck drivers raking an impressive $60,000 a year. You need to calibrate your hiring process to filter out applicants who are looking to use the opportunity as a stepping stone.

Hiring such people increases your driver turnover rate, causing you great inconveniences. The shortage that results could affect your ability to fill all your deliveries and lower customer satisfaction. A low customer satisfaction, in turn, ruins your reputation, making it hard to attract new business.

Create an enabling work environment

Despite the government’s efforts to lower entry barrier, there’s an acute shortage of qualified truck drivers in the country. If qualified and reliable drivers are hard to come by, the last thing you want to lose the ones you have.

Trucking is a physically demanding and time-consuming occupation that sees drivers spending countless hours on the road. Hence, you need to enact worker-friendly protocol for your employees to keep their moral and commitment high.

In addition to handsome remuneration, you need to institute flexible working hours, workers benefits, friendly policies, and excellent dispute resolution strategy.

Filling your ranks with qualified truck drivers is the key to building a successful trucking company. Therefore, you should attract and retain the best talents for your business.