How to Become a Better Driver in Manila

Manila’s public transport system isn’t the most reliable of options if you want to get where you’re going. The long train lines and filled-to-capacity buses may get you from one place to another for a relatively low cost, but is it really worth all that hassle? Probably not.

This is why more and more people now prefer to drive. You’d be in the safety and comfort of your own vehicle. The only thing you need to combat is the Manila traffic. To be honest, it’s a cause of stress that makes drivers lose their temper. To become a better driver than them, follow these tips:

Learn the Traffic Rules

Arm yourself with the knowledge of traffic rules. Whether you own or rent self-driven cars in Manila, it’s your responsibility to be aware of the rules. Familiarizing yourself with traffic signs on the road and specific city ordinances about vehicles and driving can keep you from accidentally breaking the rules.

Be Confident and Comfortable

Doubting yourself and not feeling your best on the road can lead to trouble. Are you sure you’re fit to drive? Can you see well over the dashboard? Are you in the right frame of mind while driving? All of these are important considerations because they can distract you, and distractions on the road may lead to accidents.

Keep Calm

Listening to music, podcasts, news or audiobooks is a good way to keep your mind off the heavy traffic you’re enduring. When you don’t focus on the things that trigger stressors in your brain, you can remain relaxed and fit enough to drive.

Every time you get behind the wheel, you take responsibility not just for your vehicle and your life, but for the lives of others on the road, too. Just remember to drive safely, and you’re already on your way to becoming a better driver.