Girls on the Go are the Prettiest

The stresses of everyday life usually take their toll on every woman’s face. With meetings, dates, workouts and other concerns, looking haggard before the afternoon happens. Being a busy girl limits your time for well-deserved fashion and beauty time.

The regular routine of stumbling out of your apartment looking distraught must stop. Preplanned techniques guarantee you glamorous looks despite the lack of time. Here’s how you can shorten your beauty routine and still look fabulous:

Choose Easier Fashion Alternatives

Stock your closet with easy-to-wear clothes. Shop for fashion items with less buttons and zippers. If you’ve got a big, busy day ahead and you still wish to wear effort-inducing dresses, prepare them ahead of time.

Get your handbags ready the night before. If you’re unable to do so, choose other fashionable carrier alternatives. Fanny packs are gaining fashion attention, thanks to celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna. These easy-to-carry packs are fashionable and convenient at the same time. You can buy these fashion alternatives at nearby stores such as Hip Appeal.

Skip the Make-Up Tools

No one’s got time for make-up when they’re 20 minutes late for work. Skip the fancy brushes and complicated tools—go for your hands. Blotting papers prove advantageous in removing excess oil easier. Just apply powder, add some eye shadow, curl your lashes and smear some lipstick. Don’t take time using different brushes; know the basics of your face and just do it.

Stock Up on Multi-Purpose Make Up

Multi-purpose make beauty products are the key to speedy beauty routines. Look for lip smears that also serves as blushers. When you use one product for multiple areas, you save time. Fill your make-up kit with products that are multi-functional.

Go For Easy Hair Accessories

French and waterfall braids are beautiful, but do you have time for it? While they are beautiful hair styles, remember that you’ve got limited time in your hands. Skip hair styling and go for glamorous hair accessories such as headbands and clips. With these accessories, it only takes seconds to add some flair to your hair.

Looking good is not impossible for the busy girl. All you need is proper planning and multi-purpose techniques to speed up your routine without compromising your glam.