Crash Course: Beware of These 3 Causes of Road Accidents

Road accidents have major repercussions. They cause major traffic jams, claim thousands of lives, and can even go as far as affecting the country’s economy. The government and motorists alike have a responsibility to keep Australian roads safe.

The first step towards promoting road safety is information. It is important to identify and know about the biggest causes of road accidents so you can avoid these dangerous habits:


Those who are always in a hurry on the road are rushing towards danger. Statistics from 2011 show that speeding contributed to 17.8% of fatalities in Queensland. Most of the drivers who went beyond the speed limit were not sure of the limitations along a particular stretch of road. Some do it because they think they are ‘invincible’ to the police and can easily avoid possible road dangers. These habits will not do you any good.

Keep an eye on your speed always. Know exactly how fast you are driving. Remember to slow down when driving under extreme weather conditions. If you ever find yourself in a road accident, though, call paramedics immediately. Experts from 131 Tow encourage contacting tow services providers as well for assistance.


Statistics showed that almost 22% of car crashes happened because of distractions. Distractions come in many forms, but the most common is the use of mobile phones. Although banned in Queensland, more drivers (80%) can’t seem to take their hands off smartphones while driving.

Don’t text and drive. Pull over when making calls or use voicemail then return the calls when you get to your destination. Take breaks if it’s going to be a long trip. Tell family and friends not to call when you know you will be driving.

Drink Driving

Alcohol remains to be the biggest cause of road accidents, particularly in Queensland. In 2011, 33% of road accidents were due to drink driving. The single, most obvious tip to avoid these fatalities is don’t drink and drive.

Be responsible and plan how you will get home before even thinking about a night of drinking. You can either just stay at a friend’s house or have someone sober drive for you. You may also choose to take a cab or any public transportation.

Road accidents are preventable. Be a responsible motorist and promote safety on the road by avoiding these three dangerous habits.