Achievement Unlocked: How Not to Get Drunk After Your Nth Shot

It’s Friday. You’re loaded with work, and your boss frantically shouts at your colleague for breaking the printer. You endure these nasty goings-on, as it’s Friday. You know that better things lie beyond the crunch time.

As expected, your pals call you, asking you to come with them to “de-stress.” You imagine the air quotes put around the word, and you clearly know that it’s time to hit the best pubs around the city. You know it’s going to be fun, but there’s one problem: you get drunk easily. You’re a novice drinker.

If you don’t want your friends to resent you for forcing them to take you home or ruining their exciting chase with women, here are some things you need to keep in mind.

Feed Yourself First

A few hours before the drinking sesh, stuff yourself with some food. An empty stomach will only fast-track drunkenness. Carbs and proteins are your best friend, so you might want to snack on pizzas or pastas before hitting the bar. If there is any finger food, keep snacking on them as the night progresses.

Choose Your Drink

Tequila, wine, beer, cocktails — the beverage range is so wide you’d want to drink all. But, you only have to choose one. If you want to stay up all night, go for the likes of beers, ciders or cocktails, as they don’t contain that much alcohol compared to other forms of spirits.

Avoid Challenges

So, there’s this pretty woman challenging you to man up and beat her in a drinking contest. What to do? Don’t show your bravado and end up getting intoxicated. The same rule applies to friends’ challenges. Your goal is to get home sober.

Fool Your Friends

If you really want to last all night, you might want to tweak some things a little. And by that, you will have to skip some drinks while getting people to think you’re still drinking. Get a glass of coloured soda or tonic water; no one will know you’re faking it, unless they take a sip from your highball.

These are only some of the things you need to keep in mind if you want to emerge as a hero from the pub. Leaving the pub sober gives you no worries, as you know you didn’t get obnoxious or end up offending anybody.