For the Wine: Choosing the Best Wine for Beginners

Wine consumption across the globe is hitting new highs, with more people from different age groups enjoying what is perhaps the world’s most celebrated alcoholic beverage. Many drink it, but only few are able to distinguish flavour profiles and other peculiarities. For the uninitiated, terms like Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon can be difficult to comprehend. Fortunately, not all hope is lost—by exposing yourself to the different varieties, you can gain a better appreciation of vino.

For connoisseurs, tasting wine is similar to appreciating music or art. It is a multi-sensory experience, which is why you should pay close attention what you are sipping on.

Here is a look at the best wine pairings for the next time you prepare dinner at home or head out for the night:

Medium Red

Medium reds are not exactly the standard, but you may have come across this type several times already. This variety is often served with roasted or smoked meats, as they bring out and enhance the full flavours of the food. According to Gerard’s Bistro, they are also best with Italian and Spanish dishes. Stock up on Syrah or Malbec for your next barbecue party.

Sweet White

Sweet white wine is a variety you should always have around. A glass of Pinot Gris or Riesling is easily the best partner for spicy cuisines or any dish with fish or chicken. You may also want to have a sip when enjoying some crème fraiche or mascarpone.


When sampling Mediterranean dishes or if you are looking for a drink to wash down caviar and anchovies with, a sparkling white is your best bet. These wines have a softer flavour profile, but pack enough punch to bring out the best in any salty food.

Soon, seeing other people sniff, swirl, and swish their glass of wine will not seem like such a foreign ritual to you. The ones listed here are just a few of the thousands you can try. Learn more about the different wine varieties and make it a point to sample something new whenever you get the chance.