When iPhone Drops—on the Ground and in Water

The iPhone is one of the hottest gadgets today. With its sleek design, excellent features, and great capabilities, it’s no wonder many fell in love with this device. Owning one, however, involves utmost care and attention. You need to protect your phone from all kinds of damages if you want it to look and perform its best all the time. You can do this by cleaning it properly, using it correctly, and covering it with an iPhone underwater case and screen protector.

Accidents are inevitable. Your phone might slip out of your pocket or you may accidentally leave it in the jeans you threw into the washer. As unplanned as they may be, you can drop it on the ground and in water. Here’s what you can do when these things happen:

In Water

Being submerged in water is the worst thing that could happen to your phone. This is why it’s important to secure your phone whenever you’re on a boat, in the beach, or even in the toilet. There are underwater cases for iPhone 5 available in shops. Water contact can harm the speaker, vibrator, and the battery of the phone, which can damage its overall circuit. When you drop your iPhone in the water, don’t try to turn it on or press any button. Dry it up using a hair dryer or by putting it in a bag of rice or silica gel packets for 24 hours. Bring it to the nearest Apple repair store for inspection and repair.

On the Ground

Your iPhone can survive the fall undamaged if you drop it. It can generally sustain short falls onto vinyl, wood, and carpeted floors. It may even function after being dropped from a few feet, provided it landed on its back edge. Generally, iPhones can sustain impact from the height of three feet. If it dropped from more than that, the screen may crack and the surface may sustain dents. The phone’s vibrator may stop working and the LCD screen may misalign. The cables inside the device may also come loose, causing the screen to be dim.

The best thing to do after dropping your phone is contacting Apple support or visiting an Apple store. The standard warranty for iPhone, the Apple Care, doesn’t cover accidental damage. Purchase insurance from a third party if you think you may drop your phone in the future.

iPhones are durable; they’re made of more advanced and tougher materials. But as with any other device, they can sustain damaged. This is why it’s important to take good care of them.