Volunteers: Making Lion City Stronger

History may have dismissed Singapore as just a tiny island-nation stopover to more worthy destinations. Today, the famous Lion City has flourished into not just a tourist hotspot, but also into a bustling mega-city — a financial hub that plays a pivotal role in the world economy.

Making this island-city famous for its Merlion trademark as progressive as possible is a huge challenge. Thanks to volunteering opportunities, the privilege of working towards Singapore’s more dynamic future is now within reach.

Small but Powerful

As one of Asia’s smallest nations, it’s easy to consign Singapore to the doldrums of society. Encompassing a land area about half the size of Los Angeles, the port city seems a tough pick if you talk about economic prosperity. Nonetheless, it succeeded.

Today, despite lacking hinterlands and vast natural resources, the Lion City is an economic powerhouse. Recently, Singapore has been named the most powerful ‘nation brand’, edging past last year’s top spot-holder Germany.

In a survey of over 100 nations, the island-state proved its excellence in three key areas: investment, society, and goods and services. Garnering 88.0 points in total, Singapore sailed past Germany.

Making It Stronger

Even with its status as the 5th richest nation, the city-state has to defend itself against ever-present threats, especially with the rise of piracy and terrorism. For this, Singapore allocates about 20 per cent on national defence yearly. Further, this is where volunteering opportunities work best.

Volunteering could be just the boost you need to give you a wider circle of friends, enhancing your social and community life even more.  Moreover, it provides you with an opportunity to improve on your social and relationship skills.

Even with all the challenges, the Lion City stays even stronger and on top of the game.