Tops and Shirts Every Man Should Own

The best way to look sharp and stylish is to own a few must-have pieces and pair them with the right accessories. If you want to stand out for all the right reasons, it is best to extend your wardrobe collection beyond some basic t-shirts and jackets. Exchange them for a few pieces that are better, but not excessively formal.

Here are a few shirts and tops you should include your wardrobe:

Casual Collared Shirts/Polo Shirts

Collared shirts perfect for an evening casual wear and can go well with a classic jeans or even dark-coloured wool slacks. Good options for collared shirts include deep hues such as red and purple, those with figure patterns, and shirts with multiple stripes of varying width and colour. Polo shirts are a nice choice, as well; these can be useful for warm weather purposes.


Whilst sweatshirts are a perennial favourite for most laid-back guys, it is easy to go wrong with this piece. Make sure to purchase shirts that are not overly designed. Look for pieces that fit loose around the chest and waist, but are not too baggy. Fashion experts from suggest wearing 10 Deep pullover hoodies in classic colours.


It is easy to look stylish with cardigans that suit your figure. This is why you need to stock buttoned or zippered sweaters in both light and dark hues. Choose more fitted versions in light wools, cashmere or cotton, as they can work well in most seasons. A pullover sweater is a must-have and can work well on its own or with a sports jacket.

Henley Shirts

These are similar to t-shirts, but with buttoning placket in the front. Henley shirts can be short- or long-sleeved, but both are a good alternative to a basic or plain t-shirt. By owning one, you can make a reasonably unique statement without going overboard. It is important to buy shirts that have a good fit, with no billowing fabric anywhere.

Adjust your wardrobe accordingly with these tops and shirts. Always invest in the right clothes that can make you feel and look good.