The Year of Containerisation and IoT Headaches: The Cloud in 2015

2014 was an interesting year for the cloud—there were some very niche technologies that hit the mainstream, and the debate about governance and data protection continued. Cloud security was a hot-button issue as well, with hackers claiming major retailers, iCloud, and Sony Pictures.

Looking forward to what is likely to develop throughout this year, the cloud will only continue to grow in prominence this 2015. Here are the new things that are taking off this year or are challenging the status quo:

IT Becoming More “Containerised”

The cloud rush is intensifying this year because container technology is helping solve some of the problems the cloud poses for IT operations. It provides a faster way to provision multiple platforms on shared infrastructure. It also maximises the efficiency of cloud computing by installing a clean, new OS in every container, ensuring end-users do not contaminate one another.

The IoT Becoming More of a Headache

The Internet of Things or IoT is slowly reaching the masses as electronic brands promote home automation. The IoT will surely benefit consumers in many ways, from monitoring fitness to saving on energy.

The Internet of Things, however, is becoming a threat to data protection and privacy. Experts are calling on businesses to work with companies like NEX CorporateIT to develop wireless communication systems that eliminate breach of data and other costly implications.

Data Location Becoming Even More Important

Data location and data sovereignty are still key concerns for organisations in 2015, because of two things: many governments are insisting that customer data should be hosted within their national borders, and the closer a server is to where its data is actually needed, the faster the service will be. The second one is particularly important for areas wherein literally every millisecond counts, such as the stock exchange.

These reasons explain why there is a growing demand for data centres located near London, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

From where everyone is sitting, 2015 looks set to be an exciting year for the cloud.