The Roof Is On Fire!

Roofing may not be the most exciting of professions, but it definitely has its own strange twists and turns. There are certain facts about roofs that most people take for granted, and have little chance to really think about.

For example, roofs can withstand nearly every environmental extreme on earth, carry enormous loads, and even spontaneously catch fire. Apparently, when some materials are used on a roofing job in a hot environment, they can actually burst into flames. No electricity, sparks, or friction, just good ‘ol heat and voila, rooftop barbecue.

This is especially disturbing in places that experience extremely high temperatures during the summer, but events like this shouldn’t even be possible. If you go out and ask experts whether or not your roofing in Brooklyn, NY is in danger of spontaneous combustion, expect some ridiculous reactions and a few curses.

Roofs are meant to protect families and the people living under them from the wrath of nature, as such roofing technology has advanced to the point that only a natural disaster can topple them. Any roofing contractor who takes pride in his work would never use materials that would endanger the health of his clients, much less catch fire.

Just imagine what would happen if roofs all over Brooklyn suddenly caught fire, fortunately, imagining is the closest anyone can get to that scenario. Roof contractors in New York are placed under some of the strictest guidelines in the country, mainly due to the heavy beating roofs take during winter.

Contractors take pride in their work, and something as outlandish as suddenly bursting into flames because of heat is not a story anyone wants on their name. The roofing industry is based almost entirely on quality, as new jobs don’t come along every day. Contractors have one shot to impress their clients and hopefully, have their services recommended. Not setting the roof on fire is a good way to start.