The Hidden Meaning in Gift Giving Habits

Gifts have different hidden meanings and purposes. When exchanged between colleagues and business acquaintances, a gift can be a symbol of appreciation, respect, or even status. In intimate relationships like friends and family, it may carry a more personal and powerful meaning. Gifts signify what you think of each other or how well you understand the person.

Read on to learn more about the hidden meanings in different gift giving habits.

When You’re Always Clueless

If you have no idea what to give your loved one, it doesn’t mean that you don’t know your partner well enough. According to studies, many people can’t pick a gift because they are worried about finding the best one. When the relationship matters more, people worry more about getting it right.

When you value the other person, you want your gift to be a precise reflection of your feeling towards them. So you don’t want to give them a gift that is a poor symbol of the relationship.

The Real Meaning of Re-gifting

Re-gifting only means that you don’t care. If you’ve made this into a habit, you’re putting your relationship at risk. Taking a present you received and giving it to someone else violates the etiquette of gift giving. If you are caught, the receiver of the gift may feel hurt and insulted. What you should do is make an effort and choose a gift for someone. You can choose to give a versatile present like gift baskets or a unique experience gift.

The Person Who Always Makes it Right

A person who can always pick the perfect present is very uncommon. Often, everyone gets a present that they don’t really like. Those people who always get it right likely spend a lot of time doing research and looking around. Some people are also very intuitive and have higher emotional intelligence. This makes it easier for them to pick up when someone gives a hint.

When People Don’t Like Your Gift…

It’s really hard to tell if a person likes a gift, especially when they only pretend that they do. According to a study, people with lack of eye contact as they’re praising the gift may not feel very happy about it. As a person’s face often betrays their true feelings, they don’t make eye contact with the giver.

Look at gift-giving as an opportunity to know more about your family and friends. Choose presents like gift baskets, which are perfect for almost any occasion. You can also get help or suggestions from the people who know your recipient well.