The Floor is Open: The Best Flooring Choices for Dining Areas

The dining room is where almost all family gatherings happen; that is why it only makes sense to give it a homier feel. One of the best strategies to achieve that is by paying closer attention to your floors.

Although floors create the perfect homey vibe to dining rooms, they’re often the most neglected design feature. Most Auckland homeowners and renovators tend to refurbish only what they see at ‘eye level’, forgetting that what is under their feet makes a great difference in the over-all interior design.

Do not make the same mistake; choose among these types of floors or refinish what you have now. Look for reliable flooring specialists; Auckland is a good place to start.


This type of flooring creates a classic and timeless look in dining rooms, especially those that have traditional interior and architectural design. Hardwood is also durable; it can withstand the heavy foot traffic in your dining room.

While you can always buy new hardwood floors to have a totally different look and vibe, you may choose a different approach, like refinishing or staining them, to bring back life to your old floors. The use of polyurethane when refinishing gives the floors a darker and glossier look. Penetrating sealers, on the other hand, offer a natural-looking finish, bringing out the wood grain.


Tiles are also an excellent choice for dining rooms because they are easy-to-clean and stain-resistant. You won’t have to worry about smears from spills or splatters. Stains just rest on the surface and you can easily remove them. Sweeping and vacuuming is enough to keep the floors clean.

Additionally, some flooring types, like glazed ceramic tiles, have a protective layer that makes them water-resistant. You may choose this or the other popular option, porcelain tiles. These flooring systems work best in patio or outdoor dining areas.


Laminates are the best option when looking for hardwood flooring alternatives. This type of flooring system is designed to imitate hardwood grains and comes in many types and colors. You can also count on the stain-resistant and easy-to-clean benefits of laminate — this actually makes them one of the most practical flooring options for dining areas.

Choose the right flooring system for your dining areas. Remember, that the surface under your feet makes a great difference in the vibe you’re trying to create in the room. Pick the right one. Go ahead; the floor is open.