The Avengers Sequel In The Works

Comic superheroes “The Avengers” made a surprising hit when they came out last year. Fans of the Marvel superheroes have gathered in cinemas to watch their favorite characters in action against a vengeful Norse god and his army of extraterrestrial beings. The story, however, doesn’t end there.

Writer-Director Josh Whedon confirmed the status of a sequel in the making, giving fans a new story to anticipate. Whedon completed his first pass on the screenplay of the sequel. He has also started meeting with the actors and creating a storyboard as part of the movie’s preliminary processes. Although “The Avengers 2” is occupying most of his time, Whedon says he is fine with it as long as he makes a good movie out of Marvel’s popular superheroes.

The movie won’t be coming out until after two years, but fans are already excited to see another out-of-this-world superhero movie in theaters. Catch the full details of the story here.