Style Over Business: Companies That Prioritized Good Design for Their eCommerce Sites

As the fashion world would attest, style sells. Luxury brands all over the world pore over ideas after ideas just to find the design that will sell their products. As it worked so well for clothes, bags, shoes and other fashion items, enterprises everywhere started to adapt the strategy to their business.

Not allowing to be left out, website developers and designers quickly incorporated style into their practice. Out of everyone, they are the ones who have the most creative freedom and capabilities to create unique brands, logos and in a larger context, a company’s identity.

Brisbane SEO company explained that there are companies that prioritised good design on their eCommerce designs to drive business.

1. Reebok

They might not be American football’s licensed apparel maker anymore, but Reebok managed to bounce back. By actually displaying their colourful line of athletic footwear, they developed a site that represents their company, not just as a selling point. Coupled with beautifully made videos and a sleek design, it’s interactive and good for business.

2. Sony

If your company sells more than three products, take note of how Sony designed their eCommerce site. They showed the full range of their products, but still managed to keep it clean. The amount of space on the left and right borders proves that this is a well-made and balanced online store.

3. Hard Graft

When it comes to minimalist eCommerce designs, Hard Graft is up there with the best. Their leather products dominate the site, and with a plain grey background, the contrast helps sell their business.

4. Mum Made

Moving away from big companies, this New Zealand baby store is a great example of how your site can incorporate the adorable factor. Babies don’t need many accessories and they know that. Focusing on the more practical items, they can suggest favourites of the former clients that new customers can buy, as well.

5. Luhsetea

In Luhsetea’s site, they went for a traditional design to dominate their online store. It’s interactive interface and background animation contradict with their products, which are teas, spices and other tea-making accessories, that make the company intriguing.

These websites will give you great references in designing your website. Today’s consumers prioritise style and design, and you should too.