Before the Off-Road Adventure: 4 Essential Inspections for Your Land Rover

The Land Rover is one of the most popular vehicles for exciting off-road adventures. Perhaps you are one of those adrenaline junkies who are planning a Land Rover escapade in the challenging terrains to see nature’s best landscapes. Before you get excited and hop onto your vehicle, make sure that you understand the essential inspections you need to do to ensure safety while riding.

Here are some of the parts that need careful inspection.

1. Axles

Land Rover axles are vulnerable to wear and tear, that’s why it’s important to regularly inspect them. Tug those rear axles and see if there are indicators of twisting inside the splines. If you find one damaged part, experts from say you must change both axles because most likely, the other one has hardened and ready to fall off as well. Make sure that you are equipped with spare axles and other tools you will need to replace them in emergency cases.

2. Brake system

It’s important that your brakes are in decent operating condition, especially if you’re driving in rocky and muddy terrains. Make sure that a firm brake pressure is delivered at the first press of the pedal. Check also if there are brake fluid leaks inside the Rover or any hydraulic parts. Pull the brake drum and troubleshoot the issue. It’s also important to inspect for brake shoe and rubber brake hose wears. When you see rust forming in the brake systems, immediately send it for repair.

3. Shock absorbers

Inspect the shock absorber mountings; make sure that they are secured firmly. See if there are wears in the bushes as well. If there are, replace them immediately.

4. Steering system

Loose steering may lead to wheel dysfunctions and uncontrollable manoeuvring of the vehicle. Although this will not lead to vehicle breakdown, it may be the reason for major road accidents. Inspect the tie rod ends and swivels if there’s any sign of looseness. Ask a friend to move the steering wheel back and forth and secure the steering box and mounting bracket if necessary.

Make sure to observe these necessary inspection measures before riding your Land Rover so you can thoroughly enjoy an exciting and safe adventure.