RFID: Helping Industries Do Better

As an enabling technology, RFID or radio frequency identification helps businesses develop applications that create value. It enables companies to identify objects or automate processes, among other tasks. An RFID system transmits the identity or an item or person wirelessly through radio waves.

Read on to know more business applications of RFID technology.

Retail Store

RFID systems in retail stores provide inventory tracking that enables businesses to monitor inventory supply at all times. These can also improve supply chain and efficiency, along with making sure that the product is available when consumers look for it.


Medical centers benefit from RFID systems by tracking the location of patients, doctors, and nurses. They can be also used to track critical medical equipment and to control the access to restricted areas in the hospital.


RFID in manufacturing is useful in tracking work processes to reduce defects and manage the production of different versions of the same item. RFID tags tracks the movement of parts automatically, making sure that each part of a product is built with exact specifications.

Supply Chain Management

Many companies use RFID to automate their processes, avoid shipping errors, and reduce labor costs. RFID systems are also used to track shipments including monitoring of the condition of the products during transit.

Security Control

RFID has been used as an electronic key to provide and limit access to certain within an office. Now, vendors have introduced a new system that offers a longer read range. This is more convenient, as an employee can hold up a card to access an area, instead of using a key or swiping a magnetic card.

RFID systems are also used to secure assets. Some modern cars have an RFID reader in the steering column to prevent auto theft.

If you’re considering adopting this technology, consult a software company offering RFID labels and tags. Learn more about RFID technology to implement the most suitable solution for your business.