Putting on the Right Protective Pants

There are people who dislike the idea of uniforms, because it “inhibits a person’s creativity and freedom.” Nonetheless, the requirement that everyone wears the same thing should not become an issue when it is for safety purposes. Personal protective equipment are excellent examples of that.

No Size Fits All

The government classifies personal protective equipment (PPE) as anything a person wears to minimise the risk to their health and safety. This includes helmets, boots, goggles, and high visual clothing (clothes that make the wearer easy to spot).

These items are a staple in the catalogues of construction and trade suppliers such as Direct Trades Supply, highlighting their importance to multiple industries. People will most likely see these things at construction and mining sites.

The way most people view PPE is that these are a one-size-fits-all type of protection, which means people think that workers should don every single piece of PPE they can get their hands on for all their jobs. The rationale behind this idea is a good one, as every person will want workers to be as safe as possible. Still, doing this is actually a impractical strategy, and may even pose a danger for the workers.

The Right Suit for the Job

For example, goggles provide essential eye protection when there is a potential for debris and small objects to fly in a worker’s face. Nonetheless, they can be a vision liability, especially in situations wherein the chances of eye hazards are close to non-existent.

The same situation applies for every piece of PPE; there will be situations wherein some articles of clothing will be more of a burden than actual protection. It is always advisable to equip a worker with the few pieces they actually need to do their jobs safely.

Knowing the nature of the job and preparing for the hazards that come with it is the entire purpose of PPE. Preparing workers for “every” hazard instead of the most likely ones ignores that purpose and undermines the safety of workers.