How Practical is Tile Flooring in the Living Room?

The living room is a special place in any home. It’s where the family hangs out after a long day, and it is usually the place for welcoming guests, after all. So it should come as no surprise that many homeowners feel as if they have to go all out when decorating this area, and they just have to make it stunningly impressive.

Naturally, what makes the perfect living room is highly subjective, and there is plenty of debate around it, too. One subject where the discussion can get very heated is flooring; people can’t quite agree whether carpeting or hardwood would be better for the family area.

Those are the two main choices, and both have their various pros and cons. Recently, however, some have actually suggested that ceramic tiles might be a much better option than either. Does this idea hold any weight?

“But tiles are only for bathrooms and kitchens!”

That’s a fairly common response. Maybe two or so decades ago they were, but now, interior designers and homeowners all over the country are starting to appreciate just how versatile tile flooring really is. Think of its advantages:

• Broad range of designs easily available from stores like Floor Venue.
• Excellent durability and water resistance, suitable for high traffic areas.
• Cheaper than hardwood by a significant amount, though still a bit pricier than carpet.
• Easy to clean and maintain. You can safely remove stains with heavy duty cleaning materials.
• No allergen concerns, especially due to it usually staying clean.

And so on. While it might be an unconventional choice, tile flooring is practical and can be gorgeous if you do it right. There are plenty of examples out there where tiles help create a high end look for the entire living room, rather than drag it down.

Tile flooring is definitely a worthy choice for any living room. With that in mind, it is just one option; your personal preference always comes first.