Opening Your Eyes to Various Types of Window Blinds

Perth’s highest recorded temperature has surpassed 40°C. That’s way hotter than the normal human body temperature. With the constant threat of worsening global warming, this number will likely go higher in the years to come. To protect yourself and your loved ones from the sweltering heat of Western Australia, it’s important to understand the different types of home window blinds. This seemingly simple tool can help keep everyone comfortable under the roof.

Apart from curtains, there are a lot of indoor blinds and awnings that protect your home from outdoor heat and noise. Here are three of those many kinds:

Jamaican Blinds

This option provides an uninterrupted outdoor view when fully opened. Jamaican blinds look clean and sleek, and even have discrete and easy-to-operate handles on the side for when you need to adjust the blinds.

Timber Blinds

These custom-made wood slats are strong and built to last a lifetime. Timber blinds can come from woodlux, basswood, or the most popular Red Cedar timber. This option can be adjustable or permanent like indoor shutters. You can ask specialists like about cheap blinds.

Double Roller Blinds

This is perfect for bedrooms and offices in your home. With two rolls of fabric protection, you can both filter the daylight and block out the light when it’s time to sleep. This can protect your furniture from the glaring sunlight and reduce the heat for those extra hot days in Perth. Like the other indoor blinds, this option comes in various fabrics and colours that fit your interior design.

If you want that additional protection from the sunlight, excessive heat, and harmful UV rays, you may also install outdoor blinds and shutters in your home. Here are several modestly-priced and cheap blinds Perth residents recommend.

Aluminium Shutters

Premium quality aluminium shutters deliver the strength and durability your home needs against the elements. You can go for fixed panel, hinged, sliding, or bi-fold shutters for your garage or exterior walls. You should ask your local builders for locks and flush bolts for this option to maximise your home’s security.

Pivot Awnings

This easy-to-use awning option is ideal for use over doors and windows. You can go for adjustable or motorised pivot awnings for your convenience. Your house can look like a quaint bungalow with this one.

These are just some of the best options to think about when putting blinds up at home. Think things through carefully before making a decision and choose whichever material will go best with your existing home design to avoid more expenses.