Making an Impression: Why Men Should Care About Dressing Up For a First Date

Women are obsessed with clothes. They need to have the perfect outfit for every single occasion. We often hear them chat about shopping, the latest trends, and fashion icons to look up to. This makes any average guy have the impression that fashion is simply women’s territory.

What you need to keep in mind, however, is that fashion is no longer exclusive for women. Men are getting influenced by the constant marketing efforts of the fashion industry. Getting dressed for special events, particularly a first date, is not just a woman’s dilemma anymore. As the ladies fuss about first date outfits, it’s just right that men should return the favour.

As there are shops available for men, even online, they no longer have any excuse not to look good for a first date. Even for casual dates, you still need to make an impression. Here are some reasons “dress to impress” is not an understatement:

Physical attraction is on top of the list

Women care a lot about appearances. They easily get drawn to men who carry themselves with confidence and show a healthy physique. As clothing covers about 90 percent of your body, choosing the right ones to wear will highlight your positive features.

Your outfit choice reflects your intentions

What you wear on your first date, especially if it’s your first meeting, will say a lot about your personality. It will also be a determining factor as to whether you’re worth her time or not. After all, it’s among the first things she sees. It’s a fact that you can’t do anything with how a woman receives your personality. But you can at least make an effort to influence by the way you dress.

Clothes bring the focus to your face

If a girl compliments your outfit on your first meeting, it’s a good sign. Wearing the right clothes will keep her attention to your face. Remember that they shouldn’t overshadow you. That’s why you need to avoid any accessories that may draw unwanted attention. Good pair of shoes and a nice watch are enough to show your masculine appeal.

A man heading to his first date should look presentable, confident, and ready for a fun time. While your outfit is among the many things you need to prioritize, don’t let it end there. Show your partner that you’re also beyond what you wear. Impress her with your conversational skills, and that meeting surely won’t be the last. If you need more information, you can research online for more specific guidelines on how to look your best on your first date.