Let There Be Light: Using Light as Retail Store Marketing Tool

Good retail store marketing is a product of creativity, ingenuity, and careful deliberation. You have to review and update your campaigns constantly to set your store apart from the others.

If there is only one marketing tool you should always take into account, it is your lighting system. Light has many uses when it comes to commercial advertising. From providing illumination to attracting attention, they are a staple for any brick and mortar store.

If you want to put your retail store in the limelight, check out the following:

Iconic Signs

Neon signs are probably the most conventional type of advertising. Up to now, they still serve as effective means of attracting customers and conveying information. As neon signs come in a variety of colours, shapes and symbols, they are always a great choice for retail stores.

Over the years, neon signs in Brisbane and various cities across the globe have evolved into a form of art. In fact, some people now consider them popular cultural icons. Businesses that have managed to preserve the original design of their neon sign benefit from strong customer loyalty and brand recall, among others. You can follow suit by making a memorable neon sign.

LED-ing the Pack

LED lights are on the heels of neon signs when it comes to store promotions. These lamps provide immense illumination, yet only consume minimal energy. It is almost impossible to find a store that doesn’t use LED signs. You can set it up to show a short clip, a moving advertisement, or just about anything you might want to feature. With these benefits, it is not hard to see a future where retail store owners use LED systems almost exclusively.

Thinking Out of the Box

Light boxes are a cost-effective way of inviting customers into your store. Simply put up a light box outdoors and people will easily take notice of your products and services. You can even alter it by changing the design every once in a while. Highlight a certain event you are holding or feature a particular product.

When it comes to advertising, a flicker of light is all you need. Make the most of these lighting systems and see your retail store grow.