Handy Supplies for Packing

While looking for temporary storage for your items, you have to ensure that you’re packing them right, too. Here are some indispensable supplies when you’re packing stuff for temporary storage or for interstate relocations:


No, this doesn’t mean you simply have to find boxes of different sizes. When it comes to packing and storage, you need different types for your various items. For one, there are wardrobe boxes that come with a built-in bar where you could hang all your clothes. Others manufacture boxes that have partitions for dishes and kitchenware. With the many options available, you need to find the right type so you would have a hassle-free packing session.

Wrapping materials

Although boxes can keep your valuables safe, you still need some wrapping materials to ensure that your items would reach the storage facility in one piece. This isn’t just about buying reams of newsprint for your mugs; but rather, this includes getting shrink wrap and bubble wrap for breakables and fragile equipment.

Ropes and cords

You also need something to secure all your items in boxes. Although the typical packaging tape can do the trick, it pays to have twine, stretch cords, and securing rope at your disposal when packing.

Dust and stain covers

This one’s usually for long-term storage settings. There are times when you need to leave town or the country for quite a long time. Ergo, the items you place in storage units need some coverings to prevent dust and stain accumulation while you’re away. Dust covers, mattress bags, and even tarpaulin sheets may help you a lot.

Finally, you need to stay organised with your items. Be sure to have a label maker with you or, at the very least, a marking pen so you can sort and find your items the easy way.