From Beds to Cabinets: The Growing Up Guide for Bedroom Decor

You know it’s time to refurbish the nursery when your little one is getting too big for the crib. At two, your baby is ready for a starter bed or a thick mattress to roll down on the floor. The fifth year might be the time when your toddler will ask for a ‘real bed’, big cabinets, and other necessities.

It can be impractical to buy these pieces of furniture if you’ll have to change them every three years or so. This makes it necessary to plan your bedroom furnishing project properly to meet your offspring’s needs.

Start with the Bed

Choosing the right children’s beds is not too difficult. But it would help to let the kids pick their own bed, so they’ll be satisfied with the appearance of their room. They can also take over deciding which mattress and pillows to get, as long as their choices comply with health standards.

Then the Linen

Sydney and Melbourne stores selling quality beds for children will have different pieces of linen ready, so you don’t have to look far in your search. You’ll find there bed sheets that display cartoon characters and big sewn patterns of stars, animals, and other delightful themes.

Look for Other Furniture

Your child’s clothes probably won’t fit in a small cabinet anymore as the years pass. Get a large cabinet and teach them early on to organise their clothes. They’ll also need bedside tables for lamps and toys. A table and chair might also be necessary for crafts and other activities.

Finalising the Design

It can take time before you’re able to finish your child’s bedroom. Browse stacks of various pieces of furniture to plan the décor accordingly. You can add the rest of the furniture later when your little ones are about to start school, which is another milestone to prepare for.