Four Simple Makeover Ideas for Your Old Forgotten Deck

A deck is more than just a feature in your property. It serves as an extension of your family’s living space. Despite its usefulness, many homeowners overlook the importance of decks and porches. A lot of people spend thousands on kitchen or bathroom remodelling without even thinking of staining an old deck or repairing broken railings.

If this sounds like you, maybe it is time to work on a deck makeover project. Deck renovation does not have to be costly. Sometimes, you just have to replace some furnishings, add an accent, or maybe alter a major design element.

Here are a few ideas to help you find the best solution for your old forgotten deck:

Add a set of wicker furniture

Wicker furniture goes well with an outdoor space like porches and patios. Such furniture adds a unique outdoor charm and comfort that will make you want to grab a good book, lounging around for the entire afternoon. Add colourful throw pillows as accents for your wicker furnishings.

Change the balustrade with glass

If you want to give your deck a little modern touch, it is best to go for glass panels as balustrades. Glass is becoming a more popular option for balustrades in Perth homes. It will add a clean and sleek appeal to your space, providing beautiful views of the outdoors without any obstruction.

Replace an old couch with a day bed

If your old couch has been sitting on your deck for almost a year, consider replacing it with a more interesting piece like a day bed. Day beds will increase the comfort level of the area; these are perfect for those who like to take afternoon naps with the fresh outdoor air.

Bring life to the space with plants

Plants have a cooling effect that makes them great accessories in roofed outdoor spaces. Place a variety of indoor plants, flowers, or succulents in the corners. These will drastically change the feel of your deck and add a refreshing ambience. You can also make a statement by using colour-coordinated pots or planters.

You see, you do not need complete remodelling to improve the look and feel of your deck. A bit of creativity and smart planning are all you need to make this project successful.