Design Ideas for a Dreamy Modern Bathroom

A modern design is characterized by clean, straight lines and an uncluttered appearance. A modern, luxury bathroom comes in all styles and sizes. There are many ways you can create the bathroom of your dreams. Get inspired by any of the design ideas below, so you can make your own dream modern bathroom become a reality.

Solo Tubs

Freestanding soaking tubs are a hot trend, as well as showering systems that provide a full range of spa functions. Finish off the look with gorgeous materials like bronze, natural stone, and marble.

Search for freestanding bathroom tubs for sale. A solo tub stands alone as the centerpiece of a bath suite. A hammered-nickel tub makes an attractive solo tub that needs no embellishment. If you own a traditional bathroom, its modern metallic finish provides a fresh counterpoint.

Ornate Chandeliers

An ornate chandelier really connects the dots throughout the house. A glitzy chandelier brings feminine details into a room decorated with stark materials. Just be sure that you are aware of the room’s height.

Unique Vanity Top

For a one-of-a-kind piece, look for a great piece of furniture, like a bedside table or sideboard, and drop a sink into it to use as a bathroom vanity top. The furniture you choose doesn’t need to be fancy or antique as long as it fits and works with the scale of your room. Furniture makes a room give off a comfortable and warm vibe.

Wood floors

A wood floor looks great with everything. Although wood hasn’t always been a popular material for a steamy bath, modern homeowners love the look and feel of wood floors. Wood from salvage yards and old barns are naturally visually compelling. Have the wood properly treated, and it can stand up to a moist environment.

There are many different bath furniture, furnishings, and decorations available. Visit Direct Buy and get inspired by the many choices they offer in bath furnishings and furniture. You are sure to find a piece perfect for your dream modern bathroom.