Denim on Denim: Making the Faux Pas Work

Whenever someone wears denim on denim, some people can’t help but make a judgment. In most cases, there is some good reason to it, as it is truly difficult to nail this outfit. Since Jay Leno gave the double denim a bad reputation in the ‘90s, this style has been a faux pas.

Fortunately, it’s time on the not-to-wear list is over. Just recently, Miranda Kerr was spotted looking chic in a fitted double denim outfit and leopard print heels. But Kerr isn’t the only one who has sported double denim, as many celebrities have been seen donning this pairing in the past few months.

Indeed, denim on denim is back on the list of good trends. Sadly, some still fail to get this look properly. To make sure you look your best when wearing this combination, you have to understand what makes the style work.

Finding balance

Popular online apparel shop, 5 Pointz, says that the secret to achieving that urban flair in the denim on denim combination is to ensure balance in your outfit.

This means understanding your body type and using it to your advantage. You have to compliment your body’s natural contours. Note that a lighter shade of denim would highlight the area of your body it covers whilst sporting something with a darker wash renders a slimming illusion.

You should focus on mixing shades that complement each other like, say, dark skinny jeans paired with a chambray top.

Avoiding mistakes

Where many go wrong is in the combination. Wearing denim top and trousers that have the same wash and weight ruins the style. When you have pieces that have the same visual impact, the combination falls flat and makes you look like you’re wearing a one-piece outfit.

Another common mistake in this style is in putting on accessories. Denim is busy enough for the eyes, so make sure to avoid busy-looking accessories so that the style elements don’t clash.

You can’t deny the street style flair of a double denim outfit, but it has its pitfalls when you don’t know how to do the style justice. Make sure that your look has the right balance and proportion to avoid dressing horribly. Remember: the secret lies in the balance of the outfit’s elements.