Corner Fireplaces: More than Light and Heat

A large fireplace in Utah can become compact when you use the often wasted space in the corner of a room. A tailored fireside in a corner can heat an entire area with ease, and enlarge its floor plan.

If you’re planning to build a corner fireplace in Salt Lake City, Utah, consider these inspiring designs:


Think about wrapping a custom entertainment center around the fireplace. This can make the entire center look like an integral part of a room.

Keep the design of the built-in consistent for a cohesive look. Use glass doors above the mantel to make the fireside blend in better.


If you want a freestanding fireplace unit, but don’t want it projecting into the floor plan, get a compact, easy-to-install unit. Place it in a corner to warm a room.

When installing a freestanding model, choose an accent color for it that you’ve already incorporated in the interior design.


If you have a four-season room that can use a little coziness, put a fireside in a corner to create instant visual interest in a small or large outdoor space. Build a raised hearth under the opening for extra seating while entertaining.


Flank the fireside with bookshelves to bring a room to life. This incorporates storage into a gorgeous focal point. Extend the mantel into the shelves to create more storage, along with a cohesive design element.


If you have a smaller home that can use an extra cozy element, build a small electric fireplace in a corner cabinet or custom-made piece. Place it at eye-level for expanded visibility.


Build a fireside from one wall to the other if you have a corner that you think is wasted space. Forgo the floor or raised hearth to make it less interactive and more attractive.

A corner fireside offers more benefits than light and heat. This feature can also maximize unused space and open a floor plan, while creating a focal point.