Control Indoor Temperatures: Motorise Your Awnings

Window awnings are useful in cutting down heat gained from the sun by over 50% in the summer. This window treatment blocks direct sunlight and lessens the harm done by ultraviolet (UV) rays on homes. During winter, they aid in heat gain by trapping in heat.

From their types, quality, benefits and operations control, know everything about awnings.

Kinds and Gains

You have a choice to set up a removable, retractable or stable awning at home. The awning comes in different shapes and sizes that will match any house type. It has a tough structure tailor-made to resist strong winds and intense rains, giving you the luxury to enjoy outdoor meals.

The ideal awning that gives shelter during hot days and rainy weather is the retractable type; it lets in more air. The canopy will let sunlight pass through while still offering the right amount of cover. Superior fabrics are UV-proof. Choose bright-coloured or patterned awnings for your garden area.

The awning with foldable arms is usually four metres high. It has a built-in lubricating system with anti-scratch features and a two-sprung arm.

Motorised Awning

Since your motorised awning, just like motorised windows, have electrical parts, you need to set it up properly for better use.

For one, it should be plugged in correctly to its power source. Some mechanical awnings connect to a socket inside the house while others get their power straight from a main source.

It is important that the circuit breaker is in good condition because it cuts the awning’s power at once when electrical troubles occur. Change remote control batteries regularly to avoid any operational hassles.

There is a control board at the awning’s side for adjustments in line with the motor’s moving capacity. The Blinds Gallery also explains that motorising window furnishings allows you to set timers for multiple window operations. Use this when you are away to keep the house secure.

Awnings are practical home exterior fixtures. Whether you choose the motorised or regular kinds, make sure you maintain them so they benefit you for a long time.