Busting 3 Myths Regarding Second-Hand Office Furniture

Buying used office furniture is one of the most popular and most practical strategies to save money and time for any business. Office furniture and fixtures are tried and tested, well maintained and best of all, are fairly inexpensive. In fact, statistics provide that the average buyer will save about seventy percent of the original price if they buy used instead.

Here are the top three myths and the facts behind them.

  • Myth: It’s cheap because it’s worn out.
  • Fact: It’s well maintained and used very little.

Most of the used office furniture in Salt Lake City, mainstreetofficefurnitureutah.com explains, are put up for sale not because of any defect but because of redecoration or remodeling of offices. Most of these have not yet been used to their full potential and thus are rarely worn out. These office supplies are also fixed and maintained before they are put up for sale, which means you’re buying pieces that are almost new.

  • Myth: You’re spending a lot more for repairs than what you actually save.
  • Fact: Depreciation is very little and there’s little repair involved, if any.

As stated earlier, these items have been used, but very little (if at all). Used furniture will not be put up for sale if there are noticeable defects in them. The ones you see for sale are in their best condition and are nearly as good as new.

  • Myth: You’re investing on items with poor quality.
  • Fact: It has been tried and tested and remains sturdy.

Being inexpensive does not necessarily mean that the items you are buying are low grade and of poor quality. The reason these items are inexpensive is because they have been slightly and can no longer be marketed as brand new. Nevertheless, these items have been tried and tested and are still stable and sturdy. You will be getting the best deals by purchasing high quality items for almost a fourth of the price.

The key is to choose wisely: canvass, compare and contrast and you will surely get the best deals in the market.