Bring More Transaction, Cut Expenses with Automatic Loading System

Automating the docking system has considerably modernized the logistics operation, allowing the transportation of merchandise quicker, faster and safer. According to operational reports from logistic companies which opted install automatic docking system, transporting a container using a roller system is at least five times faster compared to the traditional way.

Indeed, a faster logistics operation means more opportunities to bring in additional transactions. The more transaction, the more money you bring in for the company. But it’s not just about the incoming money you can benefit from transitioning to the traditional forklift fleet to an automatic docking system.

Reduction on Operational Expense

Maintaining a fleet of forklift trucks is truly expensive. From purchasing replacement parts to fuel and other maintenance costs, the allocated cost for the entire fleet eats up one of the big chucks on operational expenses. Unlike these trucks, maintaining conveyors and rollers are very much cheaper. Replacing the entire forklift fleet is a big saving under the operational expenses’ column in your books.

Savings on Manpower Expense

Automation is not about reduction of workforce. The notion that replacing forklift trucks with an automatic docking system will lead to unemployment is incorrect. The increase in logistics operation means more seats to be filled in. Former forklift truck operators can be trained to new jobs required by the sudden increase in operation that left other departments and units understaffed. So, no one will lose their job; the company will only stop hiring new personnel.

Avoid Demurrage Charges

Incurring demurrage charges with any delay in shipment of merchandise is always included in the contract between logistics operators and cargo owners. But that would be a thing of the past once you’ve decided to transition from the traditional forklift fleets to automatic docking system as the turnaround in transporting merchandises becomes faster.

Undeniably, there are many benefits when you decide to automate your logistics operation. Aside from helping increase your company profit through additional loads, it can greatly decrease your operational expenses, both resulting in bigger revenues.