Because It’s their Second Home: Ideas to Promote School Spirit

Whether it’s a university lacrosse or football match, you will surely find every student gathered around the field cheering for the home team and singing the alma mater hymn. This is school spirit. It makes them proud of where they come from and keeps the fire of unity burning.

The promotion of the school spirit doesn’t only depend on tumbling cheerleaders and towering sportsmen. You can always go beyond sporting events and come up with your own ways to show your own school spirit. For instance, you can look for providers that sell hoodies and shirt, in which you can print your school logo and motto. If you’re looking for other ways apart from this, below are some ideas you can use.

School Spirit Week

This is usually held after the school has won an event, when there’s homecoming, or when celebrating the school’s foundation day. Students and teachers alike can organise events where everyone can have fun. These include games for students and teachers, concerts and talent shows. For a successful spirit week, you have to focus on advertising and make sure that majority of the school population will participate. You can entice them by organising parties and offering prizes in select events.

Fundraising Events

Encourage students, teachers, and staff to give back to the community through fundraising activities. You can set up booths and sell meat pies, organise a charity run, or offer services like car wash. To embody the school spirit, buy shirts hoodies in bulk or wholesale, print the school logo and name on them, and encourage everyone to wear them for the event. You can also sell them alongside other school merchandise.

School Banquets

Just like how a simple family meal keeps the relationship tight, school banquets can bring the uni community together. When holding banquets, the members of the academic community can contribute cash, food ingredients, or lend cooking materials. Students and teachers can organise a short program for entertainment purposes. Be sure you have enough time and volunteers when preparing for this kind of event.

Don’t think that the cheerleaders and athletes are the only people who can carry and parade the school name around. By simply following these tips, everyone will surely have an invaluable contribution to your beloved school. When executing one of these events, always collaborate with the student and teaching force, and get the help of third party providers like restaurants or those that sell wholesale varsity hoodies, shirts, and key chains.