Basic Tools for Plastering

The key to a successful plastering job depends on having the right basic tools. The right tools, along with proper application, are all necessary in creating a good plasterwork or interior finish. Industry experts at GTPRO enumerate the basic plastering tools to ensure adequate application and good results:


This tool enables you to smooth the plaster after applying into the surface. The trowel is used to flatten the plaster in the area intended for plastering. Trowels are available in several types to provide various finishes and accommodate different applications.


This is used in carrying the wet plaster prior to application. The hawk lets you have a measured amount of plaster, which is applied with a trowel. Without it, you may place too much plaster in the trowel. This will make it harder to apply the plaster on the surface.

Jointing Knife

This tool is necessary for defining straight lines in tight spaces or inside corners where walls meet. Jointing knives are available in different shapes and sizes to suit different applications. GTPRO, a leading manufacturer of tradesman’s tool, suggests purchasing joint knives with ground blades to allow maximum blade surface on the work area.

Splash Brush

This is necessary for splashing water in the newly plastered wall or during third stages of plastering. This dampens the surface to address any imperfections immediately. Splash brushes are usually large to hold a sufficient amount of water.

Mixing Bucket

The plaster bucket is important in mixing plaster before the application. Purchase a strong and rigid bucket for easy mixing using a paddle mixer. A bucket with clear fresh water is important in cleaning tools as well during the application.


Coarse grit sandpaper is essential for smoothing large area with unevenness. Fine grit paper, however, is used to finish the surface or area.

By having all the right tools for the job, you can surely finish your project without a hitch. Contact a reliable store offering plastering tools to finish your project.